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Engineers often struggle to find correct trade-offs between attribute of products in terms of budget, size, quality, manufacturability, and performance. The goal is to develop the best design that offers optimum performance and maximum utility while minimum cost and maximum manufacturability. There are also other factors such as safety that affect the design decision. 

In today's complex product development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers use a wide range of software tools to design and simulate products. Often chained simulation process flows are required, in which the parameters and results of a software package are required as inputs into other packages.

This is why we use combined modeling, simulation and optimization to achieve a better visualization of the problems and to explore different paths that can lead us to the desired results.

Our software optimization has a diverse set of solutions which includes optimization methods based on the gradient, such as optimization of shape, size, and topology as well as evaluation of response surfaces. We also offer optimization for process management to optimize and analyze designs athwart several disciplines. All our services and software can be used to tailor ultimate product according to your requirements.

COSY Infinity

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