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At MAIDANA RESEARCH, we are passionate about advancing aerospace technologies and pushing the boundaries of exploration. Our expertise in small and very small launch vehicles, sounding rockets, solid rocket motors, hybrid rocket motors, avionics and instrumentation, and more, positions us as a leading partner in the aerospace industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions to support your aerospace endeavors, whether it's rocket design, software development, data acquisition, or mission analysis.


Our Services

Our services and capabilities in the aerospace industry include:

Small and Very Small Launch Vehicles:

  • Design and development of small and very small launch vehicles for various mission profiles.

  • Rocket propulsion systems and motor design, including solid rocket motors and hybrid rocket motors.

  • Avionics and instrumentation integration for precise control and monitoring of launch vehicles.

  • Mission analysis and optimization to ensure successful payload deployment.

Sounding Rockets and CanSats:

  • Design, development, and deployment of sounding rockets for scientific research and educational purposes.

  • Payload integration and instrumentation for data collection and analysis.

  • CanSats - miniature satellites housed in a canister - for educational and technology demonstration missions.

Rocket Avionics and Instrumentation:

  • Development and integration of avionics systems for rocket control, telemetry, and communication.

  • Instrumentation design and implementation for measuring and monitoring critical rocket parameters.

  • Data acquisition and control software for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Rocket Motors Digital Twins:

  • Creation of digital twin models for rocket motors to simulate performance, behavior, and optimization.

  • Modeling and simulation of rocket motor ignition, combustion, and thrust characteristics.

  • Virtual testing and analysis to enhance rocket motor design and performance.

Unmanned Systems:

  • Design and development of unmanned systems (UxS) for various missions and applications.

  • Quadcopters and fixed-wing platforms for aerial surveillance, mapping, inspection, and more.

  • Data fusion and analytics for extracting valuable insights from UAS data.

  • AI-based multi-mission drones 

Mission Analysis and Software Solutions:

  • Software Solutions: - Mission analysis and optimization to ensure mission success and objective fulfillment.

  • Software development for data acquisition, control systems, modeling, and simulation.

  • Customized solutions for aerospace applications, tailored to specific mission requirements.


At MAIDANA RESEARCH, we combine our expertise in applied physics, engineering sciences, and advanced technologies to deliver aerospace solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge. We are committed to driving innovation in the aerospace industry and working closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

Partner with MAIDANA RESEARCH to embark on a journey of aerospace exploration, innovation, and success.

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