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Dr. Maidana is a physicist and research engineer with over 22 years of international experience in research, design and development. His experience spans cross disciplinary projects covering the whole design and development cycle: concept studies, design, modeling, simulation, fabrication, testing and optimization using different theoretical, computational and experimental techniques as well as managing working groups and test facilities.


Dr. Maidana can integrate, develop and coordinate different types of knowledge and techniques that the modern cross-disciplinary projects requires. In this way, creative and proactive thinking beyond the standard discipline structures are between the characteristics that he has being developing over the years.


His capabilities for innovating, introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity, or generating new products or services, together to his strong team building abilities and leadership are among the qualities that characterize his management and entrepreneurial skills. He is an impassioned team leader who mentors with purpose and understands that strong working relationships create great teams and produce exceptional results. 


Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Science (Physics), Idaho State University (USA)

M.Sc., Physics, Michigan State University (USA)

B.Sc., Physics and Applied Physics, UTN - INSPT (Argentina)

Post-doctoral training

Postdoctorate, Applied Engineering (Space Nuclear Systems), Washington State University


English | Spanish | Basic French

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