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Modeling and Simulation

For modern engineers and engineering business, computer simulation is a technology that can be applied not only for design process but also for process improvement. Our services enable you to achieve a high level of simulation with a high level of efficiency and utilizing experts that may not be available internally. Our experts, software and hardware, are at your disposal for you to improve your business efficiency. 

In engineering, the implementation of modeling and simulation has become important as an indispensable and transversal tool to solve scientific and technological problems. All the disciplines of engineering are required to incorporate the benefits and advantages that result from modeling and simulation, especially in relation to optimization, control, quantification of risks and uncertainties, designing engineering products and projects.

The basic purpose of our simulation services is to enable you to experiment and test different ideas and alternatives so that you can understand whether the real system would work according to predictions or are there any opportunities for improvement in the design.

COSY Infinity

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