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Renewable Energy and Waste Management Solutions

Waste-to-Energy Systems using Plasma Gasification


Plasma gasification is a process which converts organic matter into synthetic gas, electricity and slag using plasma. Plasma gasification is not combustion but a molecular dissociation process. We can engineer systems that eliminate the waste in a responsible manner while generating energy without spread pollution. The design under research would capitalize on the existing problem of waste disposal and clean energy generation by turning the waste into a commodity while converting the waste streams into a clean renewable energy: electricity, hydrogen, steam and synthetic natural gas.


Thermo-catalytic plasma converter technology is an essential technology for accelerating and directing chemical transformation. In particular, waste-to-energy systems based on plasma gasification is a key approach for converting alternative feedstocks, such as biomass, natural gas, carbon dioxide, and water to commodity fuels, electricity and chemical products, enabling resource-efficient access to chemical products by requiring less energy and materials to achieve a desired chemical reaction while minimizing or solving issues associated to environmental contamination and by solving the problem of waste disposal.



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