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Small scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become more commonly used for many applications. The need for aircraft with greater maneuverability and hovering ability has also led to the current rise of quadcopters. The term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) emphasizes the importance of other elements beyond an aircraft itself. A typical UAS consists of: unmanned aircraft (UA); control system, such as Ground Control Station (GCS); control link, a specialized datalink; and other related support equipment.


The maritime counterpart of unmanned air system are the unmanned maritime systems (UMS). UMS include underwater vehicles as well as surface vehicles. Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) have a larger complexity due to the difficulty that underwater communications imply.


We can design, develop and implement low cost, mission specific unmanned systems; to support the acquisition process of hardware, systems, sub-systems and components; and support research activities on control, navigation, guidance, embedded systems, systems engineering, propulsion, power systems, modeling, simulation, harware-on-the-loop, and others.  

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